selling on Amazon in Europe, we need to register a trade mark for protection of our brands, but here are some basic questions we need to know first:

  1. where to register an Europe Union trademark?
  2. how much do we need to pay for an registration?
  3. and how to know if a trademark already exists?
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here is a little survey:

Where to register

EUIPO: European Union Intellectual Property Office,

Types of Registration


To register an EU trademark, it will cost us at least 850 EUR for one class:

  • paper form (from €1000)
  • online registration (from €850)

and the fee will increase if you want to add classes:

charge codedescriptionfee
F-001Basic fee for registering an EU trade mark (Article 31 (2) EUTMR)€1,000
F-001Basic fee for the electronic application for an EU trade mark (Article 31 (2) EUTMR)€850
F-002Fee for the second class of goods and services for an EU trade mark (Article 31 (2) EUTMR)€50
F-002Fee for each class of goods and services from the third class for an EU trade mark (Article 31 (2) EUTMR)€150

and of course, fees here not contain the cost of employing a lawyer when needed.

Availability of a trademark

  • eSearch plus: is the EUIPO's access to the database of Union trademarks and registered Community designs .
  • TMview database: contains information on trademark applications and registered trademarks from all national intellectual property offices


more detailed information can be seen through the first link.

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