why should we choose products base on the BSR number ?

asked 5 months, 3 weeks ago
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The Best Sellers Rank means how well the sales of a product, it's calculation is based on recent and historical sales of a product. Other factors, such as review, rating and price, do not affect Amazon's calculation of BSR.

So I think this indicator can help us avoiding some unpopular or unknown products.


  • BER updates hourly


It is worth mentioning that there is no historical sales data for the new product in the early stage, so the new product will have large BSR fluctuations. 

At the end of the new product period, if you have a stable order, the BSR will also be stable.

The longer your product is on the market, the less likely the BSR is to be affected by short-term sales spikes, so it's important to track the pace of new product growth.

BSR can be used as a health indicator for overall sales of a product, but not as a goal for sellers. More attention should be paid to the natural ranking of keywords, listing optimization, seller performance and so on. Improving these metrics is what directly affects your sales, and the BSR just helps show the results of your efforts.

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